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DECO Productions has served the South Florida community in special event production and destination management for over thirty years. Hailed as the “go-to” company for creativity, customer service, value and dependability our clients have relied on us for producing impeccable events. Housed in our 20,000 square foot facility are artisans, designers, carpenters, seamstresses and production personnel who create the magic that is the “DECO” experience.

DMC Network

DECO Productions is a member of the DMC Network, LLC, the meeting and event industry’s only fully member-owned community of destination management companies (DMCs) operating in 75 destinations across North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The DMC Network harnesses the talents of a dynamic, trust-driven community of like-minded DMCs sharing best practices, education, networking and customer referrals.

We strive to be recognized as the world’s leading DMC community, connecting you to fully accredited, legacy organizations whose unsurpassed reputations, local relationships and expertise guarantee peace of mind and flawless program delivery.

Awards & Accolades

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